Saturday, November 24, 2007


205 is one of my favorite places in the city these days. good sound, good bartenders, and so on.
to me the magic is really in the basement. its what i picture nyc being like when drugs were pure and aids were just people that helped you out.

the dude joey and his crew decided the wednesday before thanksgiving was time for kurrupt party 4. i missed egg foo, but everyone should go see him and buy 1 of everything he put out.. I have really been enjoying the blaqstarr stuff, but wanting to hear more. *note* mos def or talib qweli have nothing to do with the indivdual blaqstarr. He put on a murder clinic for 2 hours in the basement, playing about 95% of his own music. Bass heavy,minimal, primal, rugged, are words that quicklycome to mind. people looked like gumby dancing. very inspiring to say the least. not that im fist on the case or anytihng, but this dude is going to be doing big things for a long time to come. hes a quadruple threat, singing/rapping/producing/djing.

enclosed is supastarr 2.0.
enjoy :)


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