Sunday, June 15, 2008

sorry for my lack of postiing

been so busy.
pittsburgh was off the hook. big thanks to pfunkt for having me out. and big thanks to an open minded crowd. hoping to travel more, so if you promoters are reading this blog, give me a holler and lets work some magic. big props to the record store as well. i miss shopping for records outside of nyc. so much gold out there.

hugs is fun as ever. our boy erock came thru and killed it last nite. myself link and egg foo do the 2nd and 4th saturdays of every month so mark your calender forever.

saw the murakami exhibit @ the brooklyn art museum this week. i recommend it.

big thanks to my dad for being a cool dude.
big thanks to 9th st espresso getting me through my life.
big thanks to cabs and public transportation for taking the thought of drunk driving out of my life.
big love to metroulas for giving birth to their 3rd child.
big love to the picketts for giving birth to tim pickett the 5th

more big thanks to come.



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