Sunday, November 30, 2008

im sorry its been a minute/ new project!

how is everyone.

so its been a hot minute. i apologize for that.
things are good here.

I am leaving men women and children. My last show will be 12/29. Skully and Todd are departing as well. I want to thank anyone who reads this blog that is down with the band for a really interesting and special 4 + years. Sometimes you just know that its time to move on, and thats really whats going on.

That being said, Please check out cubic zirconia. todd and i crossed paths with a singer named tiombe and the rest is history. we write songs in my room, and then record them. its been fun. Click for our myspace CZ MYSPACE And we have a BLOG

We have a few shows booked in london, and we are in the process of locking down the first NYC show.

Other than that i have been working on music with a few other friends, as well as some tunes alone. Hopefully they will see the light of day somewhere sometime.

i plan on compiling all the dj mixes and putting them in one place so everyone can get if they need. Zshare and all these sites have been dying a slow death it seems.

stay in touch.



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