Tuesday, June 26, 2007

205 tonite!



205 chrystie @ stanton
no cover.
party rockers all night
come by!

Monday, June 25, 2007


featuring special guest. molassass foot aka squak aka gimpfoot aka todd weinstock

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Friday, June 22, 2007


i ain't talking about cocaine.


Taking me back to Rich Vs. Roach, John Mcentire, John Herndon, and Dan Britney put together a nice little record of drum breaks and grooves at Soma Studios. I've always loved anything that has come from Mcentire's Soma Studios, and this is no different. Raw, tightly compressed funky drums. Check out the new antibalas record that he produced or any of the tortoise catalog for examples.

heres a few cuts.

Biotic Discussion
Intermission Part. 2

Pick up Bumps

Pick Up Rich Versus Roach


Thursday, June 21, 2007


When was was just getting out of college. I came across this insane crew of dudes called the litterthugs. I think there were 9 of them. They were djing everywhere in st.louis, having radio shows on KWUR, doing art, and just plain ole inspiring everyone around. As far as production and creativityI feel as if these dudes should be on top of the planet right now, but i guess people will just never be ready.

Here are some mini jams and profiles of the 3 cats i am most familiar with out the crew:

MIKE 2600 Besides being one of the nicest dudes mike is dope at deejaying, producing, graphic design and probably like 30 other things he doesnt tell anyone about so everyone doesn't secretly hate him. Mike is currently in minneapolis. He has recently dropped some great mixtapes and is begginging work on another one soon. Those familiar with the band have heard this track many times before. We used it as our intro for a few tours. The song is called inspired by one of the best video games ever, Mike Tysons PunchOut.


Doug Surreal- Raw Talent. Why this dude isn't getting 10g's a beat is beyond me. Doug has a bulk of material and its all really dope. I'm still trying to figure out what to put up since he gave me 12 cd's of mixtapes + beats last time he was around. Dude is silly on sherms.

Bitch Ass Darius aka Kenny Kingston aka Cougar Shuttle- This boy used to and still does play every wednesday @ the dollar bin in st.louis. Go check it out if you have a chance. I'm sure hes probably sick of playing the same music every wednesday for the past 7 years, but people still go bananas to it. He holds down records from 85-95 only. When he puts on his bitch ass darius gear, its fine booty and ghetto tech. His productions have seen the light on diplos fabric 24 mix, and a new mix from french ttc crew memeber dj koyote. Here is a track with an ode to the hometown.



Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Come thru here. its a nice vibe, and the food/drink is cheap.. After this me and my man terry from young love are djing @ lit loung. 2nd ave bet 5th and 6th street. come thru!

Sunday, June 17, 2007


It goes without saying that DAVYD is an amazing producer.
I stumbled upon this record from a friend. Its on Tuff City, I actually can't find any infomation about it.
But the beats are solid, low end synth bangs and anything with an agogo bell is usually pretty funky. Oh yea, nasty break in the middle. !

OUTPUT- Move for Me

oliver sain.STLOUIS part 1

i grew up in St.louis. definately not the cultural mecca of the universe, but before nelly and the invasion of STL rappers our town was fucking rich in innovative music. Chuck Berry, Ike and Tina, Miles Davis, and Fontella Bass to name a few. One name that goes under the radar was a main by the name of Oliver Sain. People with funk crates know the st.louis breakdown, but he had a wealth of ..-

Delivering pizzas was my teenage occupation, so naturally i listened to alot of music. A community station in st.louis called KDHX played the most amazing variety of music. Tom Papa Ray, Doug Morgan, and the hip hop show called the science definately shaped me into a more diverse music listener. I can't recall if it was tom or doug that got me hipped to Oliver Sain, but im glad that went down.

Oliver was kind of the guy around town in the day, he was an amazing sax player and discovered and produced alot of local artists at his Archway Studios. Puffy sampled him, and I think Jay-E was working with him before he passed.

Oliver Died in 2003, but before that he did every thursday at a club called BB's downtown. I was fortunate enough to see him about 2-3 times. If you are interested in reading a pretty dope interview with him go HERE

Dropping 2 tracks. from a 45 on Abet records. enjoy!

Feel Like Dancin'-(zshare)



rough trade//booji boy high

rough trade in convent gardens is one of my favorite record stores on earth. its in the basement of a skate shop. the other one may be better but i have never been there (other favorite record stores vintage vinyl and record exchange in st.louis, turntable lab,a-1 and other music in nyc, and amoeba (( im banned from the LA store don't ask).

since american money is basically worth nothing in the UK, i have to starve myself to pick up whatever the new bomb 7 and 12s are.

i picked this one up in febuary. i only read like 3 or 4 blogs so it may have been beaten to death on the internet, if so just tell me and ill get rid of it asap. its a project called booji boy high from the dudes in hot chip. i dig this song, seems like they just made a few tracks one day and decided this was the best way to not have to deal with much red tape on actualy getting music out to people that want to hear it. kind of a different step, but in a wierder good way.

dig it.!

booji boy high- twist myself again

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

kiss me again

on a normal forgettable day while taking my 20 minute subway ride to practice i look over and appear to see a man who looks like nicky siano. i walk up to him and say hey nicky siano right, hes like yes. we end up talking about music the whole ride and really hitting it off. nicky ended up coming to watch us practice one day and ultimately djing before we played at our first show ever in NYC. for those of you who do know, it was one of the most humbling and inspiring moments of my musical career. for those who dont, nicky was the owner and dj of the gallery and later one of the original djs at studio 54. nicky was a pioneer in deejaying and disco as well producing the record kiss me again under the name dinosaur. it was also arthur russells first dance record. some guy named david byrne played guitar on it. here is a link to said song. the break rules, as does the whole thing.

for more inspiration pick up this comp that nicky curated going back to his days at the gallery. its on the excellent soul jazz records, who may be one of the only labels that exist that hasnt put a bad record out yet.

kiss me again (zshare)

Warp 9- Nunk

this is kinda dope. gonna help me digitize some of my records that ive been procrastinating about doing for a while.....
im a sucker for early 80s electro. analog synths, nice drum machines, and the songs are always funky as hell.
this song seems to get a bit of neglect considering egyptian lover, hashim, nucleus ect are having nice runs today.

Warp 9- Nunk (zshare)


ok. so as you can see, i havent fucked with this for a loooooooong time.
a few people inspired me to get back into it. who knows what this will turn into.
hopefully someone will take something from it, or i guess i can just use it as my soapbox to rant about everything that sucks.

heres a picture my friend ollie took on our last tour. she plays in a fantastic band called the oohlas.
i was lucky enough to score an old minimoog on tour to pair up with my newish(been thrashed on tour) voyager.

enjoy. come say hi. stay awhile. i plan on putting up music. photos. and whatever...


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